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What its all about:

Is Prayer Really that Important?


     We believe there is nothing more important to the Christian walk than prayer. Prayer provides an opportunity for us to commune with God and have a relationship with him. If we are to have a real relationship with someone, finding ways to express our love is critical. We cannot claim to have a relationship with God if we do not communicate with him and express our love to him. No relationship can exist without listening and talking. When we fail to pray to God, we miss the mark of what he wants for us and how we can truly be his servants. Sometimes even when we communicate on a consistent basis with God, it is hard to take time to quiet our lives and have a conversation with God. God deserves our love, and he desires to have real, lasting relationships with us. We must set aside time in our week to do nothing but focus on God and let the communication flow back and forth.
The Prayer Night is a time when we can sit at God’s feet. There is no other emphasis than to build the relationship and communication with God. No sermon. No pressure. No goal other than communing with God. We sing upbeat, moving songs and seek that one on one encounter with God.



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*The first Sunday of every month is a Sinspiration Service so there is no Prayer Night.